We get to fuck teen princesses!
It was my dream job in High School too, actually, it still is.

    Comic Dialogue:
    (If you have Wii Gloves for you wee little fingers it’s also electronic Braille.)

Headmistress VonChastity: “You two! Line up against that book case!”
Adrian: “SWEET! We get to fuck princesses!!”
Shagman: “Heh. Sounds like we got the job…”
Headmistress VonChastity: “Congratulations, you TWO have been determined to possess EVERY SKILL and quality we are looking for…”
Adrian: “Hee hee hee we get to fuck princesses!!”
Adrian: “Hee hee hee we get to fuck princesses!!”
Headmistress VonChastity: “Stamina, enthusiasm, ability to follow orders, the ‘right’ PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES…”
Headmistress VonChastity: “a COMPLETE LACK OF TOLERANCE for PAIN…”
Shagman: “Wait. What was that last part?”
Shagman: “I kind of think it might be IMPORTANT…”
Adrian: “We get to fuck princesses!!”