Issue Four, Never Turn Your Hentai Ass on a Tomato Vine.

This issue of Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy is on hold as I’m switching to making a different comic for awhile. Basically I’m working on getting all comics done one issue ahead of time and posted on Patreon then releasing them as the next issue begins. Currently Dungeon Booty # 1 is complete and awaiting me to start doing issue 2 due be released publicly. Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy #4 is complete on Patreon (in 1700 x 2300 pixel size). So today I’ll make the call and upload page one of Dungeon Booty #2 (and then start posting the Dungeon Booty #1 dungeon porn comic to the PronQuest website)


page one of DC vs Marvel to Patreon until issue one is complete. Current discussion and suggestions are open on my Patreon page.