Government Approved Hentai Medical Procedure for the Resuscitation of Monster Cock.
Why oh why doesn’t my medical plan include this? Fuck ObamaCare, I want SonyaCare.
Comic Dialogue:
Headmistress VonChastity: “I just heard that one of the new hires had an incident in the showers with the students! Ah, him, he’s been wanting to have sex with one of them since the biginning…”
Nurse Sonya: “He wasn’t the instigator, the princessess were. He passed out with a nose bleed every time he saw their breasts.”
Headmistress VonChastity: “Really, so much for his goal of having sex with one of them.”
Nurse Sonya: “It’s obvious the only treatment is for me to give him MOUTH TO COCK resuscitation.”
Headmistress VonChastity: “What?! That will help him recover?”
Nurse Sonya: “Um, probably not, but I’ve been looking for and excuse to get a hold of his cock since you hired him…”